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Pinkboxcereal : Magic Facial Sponge

RM 20.00

Price: RM20


- Cleansing tool to wash your face with instead of using your bare hands that may be too rough for your skin

- Helps to remove stubborn dead skin and old cosmetics away from the skin

- Highly absorbent

- Soaks in more dirt and makeup from the skin than cotton/ cloths, giving the magic sponge an extra advantage of unclogging pores and prevent acne

- Lightly exfoliates the skin

- Gentle for all skin types

How to use:

- Upon first opening of the package, rinse the magic sponge several times before use

- Wet the sponge with water until it is fully absorbed and softened

- Gently massage your face with the sponge in circular motion

- Avoid harsh rubbing on skin, acne or around eye areas

- Rinse the sponge with clean running water to remove soaps or dead skin cells residue

- Leave the sponge to dry (preferably not in the bathroom) and let it harden

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